Since the early 60s, Glycine has served the market with this line of sturdy and captivating watches, made for exacting conditions of wear and use. The precise automatic and chronograph movements are housed in a high-grade steel case of rugged construction, offering excellent value for money.

Combat watches stand out for their classic design, enduring strength and reliability. All through the years, this line of watches has enjoyed unbroken popularity in military and sport circles.

Combat Sub

Combat SUB Aquarius

Combat SUB

Combat SUB Specials

Combat 6 Classic

Combat 6 43mm

Combat 6 Classic 43mm bico

Combat 6 36mm

Combat 6 Classic 36mm bico

Combat Vintage

Combat 7 Vintage

Combat 7

Combat 6 Vintage

Combat Chrono

Combat chronograph LUX

Combat chronograph