Whenever the subject of aviation comes up, the name of Glycine is mentioned as one of the pioneers of watchmaking for pilots and frequent travellers. Beginning in 1953, Glycine started production of the Airman, a watch that became legendary for introducing multiple time-zone watches to the market. Since then, Glycine has developed an unbroken chain of aviation watches, ranging from successively more complex world timers to unique collectors items. In 2002 Glycine reached a new pinnacle when it launched a genuine innovation: The Airman 7, featuring three mechanical movements simultaneously displaying the time in four time zones. In 2014 Glycine launched the Airman Airfighter another genuine milestone in the history of pilot chronographs.

Airman Contemporary


Airman 46 GL0168


Airman 46 GL0169


Airman 46 GL0170


Airman 46 GL0058


Airman 46 GL0059


Airman 46 GL0060


Airman 44 Bronze GL0166


Airman 44 Bronze GL0167


Airman 44 GL0156


Airman 44 GL0154


Airman 44 GL0155


Airman 44 GL0153


Airman 44 GL0054


Airman 44 GL0055


Airman 44 GL0056


Airman 44 GL0057


Airman 42 GL0064


Airman 42 GL0065


Airman 42 GL0066


Airman 42 GL0067


Airman 42 GL0068


Airman 42 GL0069


Airman 42 GL0070


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0175


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0176


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0177


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0178


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0061


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0062


Airman 42 "Double Twelve" GL0063



Airwoman 36 GL0172


Airwoman 36 GL0179


Airwoman 36 GL0180


Airwoman 36 GL0181


Airwoman 36 GL0182

Airman Vintage


Airman "DC 4" GL0071


Airman "DC 4" GL0072


Airman "Noon" (Limited) GL0157


Airman 40 No1 (Limited) GL0162


Airman 40 No1 (Limited) GL0163


Airman 40 No1 (Limited) GL0164


Airman 40 No1 (Limited) GL0165


Airman 36 No1 (Limited) GL0158


Airman 36 No1 (Limited) GL0159


Airman 36 No1 (Limited) GL0160


Airman 36 No1 (Limited) GL0161


Airman Vintage "The Chief" GL0183


Airman Vintage "The Chief" GL0251


Airman Vintage "The Chief" GL0245


Airman Vintage "The Chief" GL0250


Airman Vintage "The Chief" GL0246


Airman Vintage "The Chief" GL0252