Since the early 60s, Glycine has served the market with this line of sturdy and captivating watches, made for exacting conditions of wear and use. The precise automatic and chronograph movements are housed in a high-grade steel case of rugged construction, offering excellent value for money.

Combat watches stand out for their classic design, enduring strength and reliability. All through the years, this line of watches has enjoyed unbroken popularity in military and sport circles.

Combat Sub


Combat SUB 48 GL0190


Combat SUB 48 GL0241


Combat SUB 48 Bronze GL0200


Combat SUB 48 Bronze GL0243


Combat SUB 48 GL0095


Combat SUB 48 GL0096


Combat SUB 48 GL0097


Combat SUB 48 GL0098


Combat SUB 42 GL0186


Combat SUB 42 GL0189


Combat SUB 42 Bronze GL0174


Combat SUB 42 Bronze GL0187


Combat SUB 42 Bronze GL0188


Combat SUB 42 Bronze GL0242


Combat SUB 42 Bronze GL0281


Combat SUB 42 GL0076


Combat SUB 42 GL0077


Combat SUB 42 ALLIANCE GL0078


Combat SUB 42 AMBUSH GL0079


Combat SUB 42 GL0080


Combat SUB 42 GL0081


Combat SUB 42 SPLENDID GL0082


Combat SUB 42 GL0083


Combat SUB 42 GL0084


Combat SUB 42 GL0085


Combat SUB 42 GL0086


Combat SUB 42 GL0087


Combat SUB 42 GL0088


Combat SUB 42 GL0089


Combat SUB 42 GL0090


Combat SUB 42 GL0091


Combat SUB 42 GL0092


Combat SUB 42 GL0093


Combat SUB 42 GL0094

Combat 6 Classic


Combat 6 Classic 43 GL0101


Combat 6 Classic 43 GL0102


Combat 6 Classic 43 GL0103


Combat 6 Classic 43 GL0104


Combat 6 Classic 43 GL0109


Combat 6 Classic 43 GL0110


Combat Classic 40 "Moonphase" GL0191


Combat Classic 40 "Moonphase" GL0192


Combat Classic 40 "MoonPhase" GL0113


Combat Classic 40 "MoonPhase" GL0114


Combat Classic 40 "MoonPhase" GL0115


Combat Classic 40 "MoonPhase" GL0116


Combat Classic 36 "Moonphase" GL0193


Combat Classic 36 "Moonphase" GL0194


Combat Classic 36 "Moonphase" GL0247


Combat 6 Classic 36 GL0105


Combat 6 Classic 36 GL0106


Combat 6 Classic 36 GL0107


Combat 6 Classic 36 GL0108


Combat 6 Classic 36 GL0111


Combat 6 Classic 36 GL0112


Combat Classic Open Heart GL0120


Combat Classic Open Heart GL0121

Combat Vintage


Combat 6 Vintage GL0122


Combat 6 Vintage GL0123


Combat 6 Vintage GL0124